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At Wurkplace, we know working in Education can be very rewarding, but it also comes with its own set of difficulties. Having good HR, Health & Safety and Online Training services and help ease these difficulties in education by ensuring your staff are trained appropriately, well managed and reducing the risk of workplace accidents

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We have been using Wurkplace for our HR and Health & Safety and our experience has been very positive. Their consultants took the time to get to know our school, gave us personalised recommendations and helped us to implement their solutions - making HR and Health & Safety seem easy!

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    Education HR

    What are the top HR issues relating to the Education sector?

    Here at Wurkplace, we provide bespoke, outsourced HR support services to the education industry – Working in education can be so satisfying and at times difficult, which is why HR can sometimes take a back-seat. We can provide HR support and guidance on a retainer or ad-hoc basis, whatever works best for you!

    Our team of HR Consultants can help with:

    Do You Need Help With HR or Health And Safety in Your Education Business?

    Education health And Safety

    What are the top Health and Safety issues facing the education sector?

    Wurkplace also provides bespoke, outsourced Health and Safety support services to the education industry. In education, both the school management team, headteacher and employer have a responsibility for the Health and Safety of staff and pupils. We can take the pressure off your shoulders, with our tailored Health and Safety policies and procedures that ensure legal compliance.

    Our Health and Safety Consultants can help you with:

    Education Health & Safety And HR Training

    Finally, Wurkplace offers an extensive range of on-site and online HR and Health & Safety training courses, to the education sector! Working with students can pose many challenges, our training can help your staff to develop the right skills to handle these challenges. All of our courses are IOSH, RoSPA and CPC approved.

    Our Health & Safety and HR training relating to the education sector are:

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