Poor employee attendance (for example, frequent long or short-term illness) can negatively impact your business in a multitude of ways – not only can it be costly and disruptive but it can also have a knock-on effect on your customer service.

We understand that HR and managing your workforce easily, quickly and effectively plays a vital role in your companies success – we can help you achieve this!

Wurkplace provides a flexible Attendance Management Solution that offers integration with a flexible HR Management System. Unlike other larger HR companies, we take a more personal approach and focus on our client’s specific needs.

We know that no two businesses are alike, that is why we customise the HR support services we provide to your unique business.

Our staff are dedicated to making your business run efficiently and smoothly, we make HR management easy!

Our team of experts help our clients organise their absence management policies, supporting employees that may have health issues to stay in work/return to work while also taking firm steps for those who may try to take advantage of the system.

If you need advice on issues relating to sick, holiday and maternity/paternity pay or absence management, our HR Consultants can help!

Wurkplace can also provide your company with an extensive library of user-friendly online training courses such as our managing sickness and absence course and many other HR services that you may need.


Why is managing attendance at work so important and how can Wurkplace’s Absence Management Services can help?

Attendance management can encourage your employees to reduce unnecessary absences while promoting reliable attendance as you can reliably track individuals who may consistently arrive late or have unauthorised absences.

Whether it’s clocking in and out of work or reporting annual/holiday leave and sickness absence, both your employees and their line managers are responsible for managing attendance at work which leaves room for human error. How can we minimise these errors?

Our attendance management system and HR Software at Wurkplace can take off the pressure for your employees and management staff by making it quick and easy to report their attendance and absences/leave.

The advanced software solution we use measures features that are unique to your employees, such as their fingerprint and even facial recognition, and automatically fills in employee timesheets for you – cutting out all the hassle for your company.

This avoids the time-consuming administrative HR paperwork and opts for a paperless system, adding an extra bonus of helping the environment.


Our Attendance Management

The software we utilise looks for specific points through fingerprint scanners and facial recognition and saves the coordinates, it can be used by PC users or as an app – whatever suits your business best.

The information and coordinates are encrypted so only the device will be able to understand the information, meaning you’re safe in the knowledge that employee personal data is not being scanned and stored by Wurkplace.


Attendance Management Benefits Include

This software and the HR Management System fully link in with our Payroll services which allow us to fully manage every aspect of your Payroll, freeing up your time to manage your business. If you’re interested in the other outsourced HR services, click here.

If you are an employer and you want to get started with our Attendance Management System and Software, or if you would like further information on how this would benefit you and your business, call 0330 400 5490.

Case Study

A leading document management company named cleardata came to us seeking full HR support and an implementation of a brand new HR system.

cleardata are a fast-growing business that is based in Newcastle, with offices now in London and Hawarden and they specialise in document scanning, data capture, archive storage and document processing services.

When they approached us, cleardata had no real HR procedures in place and they were operating on old contracts and handbooks, which needed an urgent update. There were no director contracts or job roles in place, and we needed to change this quickly.

cleardata had good management in places, but HR had been placed on the backburner because of the fast-growing rate of the business. This is why cleardata enlisted Wurkplace’s help to give them structure and updated their procedures. We went in and gave them a full action plan, which was analysed over a 30/60/90 day period.

There was a lot of work to be done regarding their contracts, so we reconstructed them and split them into contracts for directors, managers and employees. They also needed a way to manage their staff more effectively and a system for keeping track of holidays, absence, etc. Lucky for them, Wurkplace had the answer.

The implementation of our HR system provided cleardata with the easily management tool they needed, allowing them to track holidays and absence easier. This was good news for the payroll department, as they were able to keep track of this information and implement it into the system.

Now that all of these new procedures had been put in place, things were a lot easier to manage. Two years on and cleardata are now taking out more management and training courses with us, training their directors and managers. We look forward to continuingly working with them for years to come.

“Wurkplace have been an essential part of shaping cleardata to what it is today. We are very thankful for the hard work and dedication they provided when it came to establishing structure in the business. We couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for all of our HR needs. We’re excited to keep working alongside Wurkplace for the foreseeable future.”

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