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Efficient Attendance Management for Streamlined OperationsOur attendance management system is crafted to simplify and automate the process, ensuring accurate record-keeping and streamlined operations. With advanced features like real-time tracking, leave management, and reporting capabilities, businesses can easily monitor and manage employee attendance. Bid farewell to manual processes and embrace a hassle-free solution that saves time and enhances overall efficiency. Optimise your attendance management with our cutting-edge system today.

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Poor employee attendance (for example, frequent long or short-term illness) can negatively impact your business in a multitude of ways – not only can it be costly and disruptive but it can also have a knock-on effect on your customer service.

We understand that HR and managing your workforce easily, quickly and effectively plays a vital role in your companies success – we can help you achieve this!

We’ve really enjoyed working with Wurkplace over the past few years and would recommend them to anyone who needs HR or Health & Safety support.They have an amazing online HR system which does most of the work for us and has helped with our rapid growth!
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Attendance Management Support?

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Professional Attendance Management Support

Discover the convenience of our attendance management system, specifically crafted to streamline and automate processes for precise record-keeping. With live tracking, leave management, and comprehensive reporting functionalities, businesses can effortlessly monitor and oversee employee attendance. Bid farewell to manual procedures and embrace a hassle-free solution that saves time and optimizes overall efficiency. Upgrade your attendance management with our state-of-the-art system today and enjoy the advantages of streamlined operations.

Why Is Managing Attendance At Work So Important And How Can Absence Management Services Help?

Attendance management can encourage your employees to reduce unnecessary absences while promoting reliable attendance as you can reliably track individuals who may consistently arrive late or have unauthorised absences.

Whether it’s clocking in and out of work or reporting annual/holiday leave and sickness absence, both your employees and their line managers are responsible for managing attendance at work which leaves room for human error. How can we minimise these errors?

Our attendance management system and HR Software at Wurkplace can take off the pressure for your employees and management staff by making it quick and easy to report their attendance and absences/leave.

The advanced software solution we use measures features that are unique to your employees, such as their fingerprint and even facial recognition, and automatically fills in employee timesheets for you – cutting out all the hassle for your company.

This avoids the time-consuming administrative HR paperwork and opts for a paperless system, adding an extra bonus of helping the environment.

Our Attendance Management Service

The software we utilise looks for specific points through fingerprint scanners and facial recognition and saves the coordinates, it can be used by desktop users or as an app – whatever suits your business best.

The information and coordinates are encrypted so only the device will be able to understand the information, meaning you’re safe in the knowledge that employee personal data is not being scanned and stored by Wurkplace.

Attendance Management Benefits Include

This software and the HR Management System fully link in with our Payroll services which allow us to manage every aspect of your Payroll, freeing up your time to manage your business. If you’re interested in the other outsourced HR services, get in touch.

If you are an employer and you want to get started with our Attendance Management System and Software, or if you would like further information on how this would benefit you and your business, call 0330 400 5490.

Attendance Management FAQ

As an organisation that provides attendance management services for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to attendance management within teams.

The attendance management system is used to monitor the attendance of workers. It can also be used to monitor movement of working and track hours worked to complete payroll.

Attendance management is important as it's about reducing employee absenteeism (usually due to injury or illness) through policies & procedures, some companies choose to reward employees for good attendance.

Incentivise attendance. This is a common technique in business and one that works really well:
  • Consider increasing holiday entitlement
  • Consider “duvet days”
  • Make your absence policies CLEAR
  • Use return-to-work interviews
  • Monitor absences to understand trends
  • Allow flexible working

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