Any business is built on the backs of its employees. It’s important to take care of those employees and have only the best people working for you. Efficient HR services Liverpool can help you do just that.

It can be costly and time-consuming to have an in-house HR department, especially if you don’t have enough employees to warrant having an entire department. It’s often better to outsource HR support Liverpool with Wurkplace, instead of hiring a dedicated team.


Outsourced HR Services Provided To Liverpool Businesses

If you need the assistance of a HR company, then the team at Wurkplace are the people for you. Our team can help with every aspect of HR, including employing and dismissing staff and help with employment law issues.


Performance Management

Your business needs a robust performance management process in place to ensure your company hires and keeps the best talent around—Foster excellent communication and train employees to encourage personal development and build trust with employees.

Our performance management processes are built around your needs and requirements. We have a dedicated team of experienced HR consultants ready to work with your line managers to create efficient training programs that cover performance management and staff conduct.


Employee Contracts

We help with every aspect of managing employee contracts. We look over your current contracts to ensure legal compliance and consistency in contracts. After making sure that all existing contracts are consistent, we implement a structure for future employment contracts, so they remain consistent. The Wurkplace team is happy to build contracts around your needs and store contracts online for easy access.


Employee Handbook

The employee handbook for a company covers information that staff needs. We can help create the employee handbook to give current and future employees all the information they need. Our manuals are sent out digitally and have a digital trail attached to them, so we know when employees receive and access their copy of the handbook. As an online solution, we can update the rules and regulations in the manual as needed.


HR System

Count on Wurkplace to put together an HR system where you can keep important information like personnel files. Our HR system creates a virtual paper trail where you can manage absences, employee vacations and sick days, training requests, and more.


Employment Law

Employment law is a process unto itself. Let us deal with employment law issues as they arise, such as immigration problems, disciplinary situations with employees, redundancies, disputes, probationary periods, absences, TUPE, and more. We provide an optional insurance policy worth up to £100,000 to cover the financial cost of employment law issues too.


Monthly Updates

Our team issues monthly updates about the latest changes to the rules and regulations of HR. We want to be sure that you aren’t caught out by any new changes.


Getting In Touch With Our HR Consultants Liverpool

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if the specific service you need isn’t on our list of provided services. We can offer help with specific projects such as employee onboarding, training, and leadership development programs.

Get in touch with our HR experts today on 0330 400 5490 to learn more and arrange a FREE HR services consultation, or alternatively use our online contact form.


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