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Employee Handbook Services

Achieving success in your organisation can be greatly enhanced by putting in the effort to create a thorough and comprehensive employee handbook. Don't underestimate the power of a well-crafted handbook in maximising your team's potential.

Wurkplace’s comprehensive employee handbook services are specifically designed to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, while simultaneously promoting a positive and productive workplace culture. Our team of experts provides clear and concise guidance, allowing your employees to fully understand their roles and responsibilities within the organisation. Rest assured that with our help, you can create a handbook that not only satisfies legal requirements but also fosters a harmonious and successful work environment.

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A thorough, comprehensive employee handbook service is critical for any organisation. It serves as an introduction to the company’s values and can offer invaluable guidance for new hires. It is imperative that the handbook outline all terms and policies – not only is it a legal requirement in the UK, but it is also essential for the wellbeing of staff. Contact  us today to find out more about our Employee Handbook Services.

We really appreciate all the support and guidance Wurkplace has given us with our company’s HR – Their customised solutions help us stay in compliance with HR laws, providing us with HR document templates and tailored employee handbook services. Also, the HR management system Wurkplace use has improved our HR efficiency. They have a great team, with a lot of experience and it really shows!
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Employee Handbook Assistance

Our employee handbook service provides comprehensive support to businesses in creating and revising their employee handbooks. We understand the importance of having a well-crafted handbook that clearly lays out company policies and procedures. Our team of experts can help ensure that your employee handbook services meet all legal requirements and are tailored to your specific business needs. We can also assist with employee communication and training related to the handbook. Don’t leave your handbook to chance. Let us help you create a document that sets your company up for success. Contact us today to learn more about our employee handbook service.

Employee Handbook Services Overview

An employee handbook outlines employer expectations and policies for employee behaviour and responsibilities, creating a positive work environment and protecting employee and company rights. It should include benefits, PTO, work standards, safety measures, and conduct codes. This clear guide encourages transparency and accountability and is essential for effective HR management.

An employee handbook is an indispensable tool for all company employees as it covers crucial policies like attendance, timekeeping, sickness, holidays, disciplinary actions, equal opportunities, and more. A well-written handbook establishes behaviour expectations and streamlines common questions to create a more user-friendly experience. Regular updates are important to ensure that it remains current and relevant to employees’ needs. Providing a comprehensive and detailed handbook helps businesses ensure that all employees understand workplace policies and expectations, leading to a more harmonious and productive workplace environment.

Employee Handbooks: What's Their Purpose?

An employee handbook is a crucial tool for any organization. It outlines the company’s policies, procedures, and expectations for its employees. The purpose of the employee handbook is to establish clear guidelines that govern how the company functions and how employees are expected to behave. It serves as a reference guide that employees can refer to when they have questions or concerns. Additionally, it can protect both the company and the employees by ensuring that everyone is on the same page and understands the rules. In short, an employee handbook is an essential tool that helps ensure a company’s success by providing a clear framework for its employees to operate within.

Make sure your employee handbook is legally compliant, representative of your business values, and beneficial to your staff. The handbook will clarify policies, benefits, and terms of employment for your staff. In the case of any disputes, the handbook will serve as a reference for resolving issues. Employee handbooks are particularly useful in legal matters and can help prevent disputes. Ensure your staff receive a handbook during the initial induction stage and whenever amendments are made. Wurkplace provides both printed and online versions of the handbook for easy access and updates. Remember, under the Employment Rights Act 1996, your staff have the right to access an employment handbook and written contract. Failure to provide this information could result in conflicts and potential unfair dismissal cases.

Employee Handbook Services

Having a comprehensive employee handbook reduces the likelihood of workplace disputes – saving time and money to focus on what’s important to your business.

Failure to comply with the standards set out by the Employment Rights Act 1996 may allow for tribunals to adjust compensatory awards by up to 25% but more importantly, day-to-day, it may also affect staff performance and leave you with no formal agreement on the ‘rules’ surrounding the employment of that person.

Wurkplace also offers a large variety of amazing online training courses, such as our Developing Good Employee Relations.

This course covers topics such as (but not limited to) the role of the employee handbook, the benefits of good relationships and how to build confidence in management. Click here to find out more.

Get it right the first time. Call Wurkplace, a reputable HR company with many year’s experience in providing employee handbook services on 0330 400 5490, or contact our team of experts using the contact form now.

Employee Handbook FAQ

As an organisation that provides employee handbook services for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to the service.

Employee handbooks should contain your policies, procedures and
employer actions like overtime pay, minimum wage and employee breaks.
The employee handbook is a guide for the employee so they know what to do in various situations. This handbook is a document that allows employees to understand what is expected of them, and also what they can expect from the company. Wurkplace can provide HR Policy Training to ensure you are confident in your use of the employee handbook.

Not required by law, However this is something businesses, big and small, are now implementing across the UK- and for good reason. Populated correctly the hand book will house policies and procedures and a great tool in employee relations and represent the culture of your business.

Most employee handbooks include information on: Company culture, values, and a mission statement. Human resource and legal information as well as rights and obligations related to employment. Realistic expectations; both what the company expects to see from its employees and what employees can expect from the company.

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