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Wurkplace provides bespoke Occupational Health and Safety Management to businesses of all sizes, throughout the UK.

We know that sometimes Health and Safety policies and regulations can be confusing, there’s no need to stress. We have your back.

The aim of our service is to support employees in the workplace, which in turn creates a productive and engaged workforce. Wurkplace has a qualified and registered nurse available to support your business, whenever you need.

Wurkplace trained all of our area managers in health and safety in London, tailoring the courses to us specifically – For example, they provided training on how to undertake risk assessments, COSHH assessments and how to implement health & safety to our stores and warehouses. They have also helped with explosive atmospheres that can be caused when storing and transporting perfumes, giving us lots of useful advice and guidance. This has aided us in ensuring our staff and premises are safe at all times – We are very impressed with their personal and comprehensive services.
The Fragrance Shop
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    Are You Looking For Expert Occupational Health And Safety Management​ for Your Business?

    We can provide you with ad-hoc support or help give you a full Health and Safety management overhaul, tailoring our services to your business every step of the way.

    In the first instance, a consultant can visit your premises and give a full Health and Safety Audit of your existing Occupational Health and Safety policies.

    From here our highly-trained and expert Health and Safety team will complete health surveillance for your company, through COSHH (The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and Risk Assessments.

    How Our Occupational Health and Safety Manegement Team Are Different

    Here at Wurkplace, we think in order to provide the best Health and Safety Services, we must first get to know our client!

    We take the time to know and understand every aspect of your business initially, then we create a bespoke service at a competitive price that is unique to your specific organisation.

    Our small UK-based team can be available around the clock – in person, by phone, email or you can use out of hours services.

    Unlike other outsourced Health and Safety services, Wurkplace does not use call centres, when you call our number you will be connected directly to one of our fully-qualified experts; meaning you can get the help you need straight away.

    We also don’t believe in having long-term contracts or commitments, leaving the power in your hands.

    Telephone Occupational Health Interview Including Reporting

    Our Occupational Health and Safety consultants can offer health interviews by telephone, they will then compile a report – which you can review afterwards.

    This is especially helpful now, as through the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a lot of uncertainty. In cases where employees cannot social distance or perhaps they’re self-isolating, a telephone interview is a good method for sticking to ever-changing legislation and restrictions.

    Onsite Occupational Health Interview Health Screening

    Fitness to Work

    Drug and Alcohol Testing

    It is imperative that Drug and Alcohol Testing takes place as part of Occupational Health Services. Random testing should be undertaken occasionally to prevent any employees from being under the influence whilst taking care of particular duties, for example – operating heavy machinery or driving.

    Wurkplace’s Occupational Health and Safety specialists will also review and develop your drug and alcohol policy to ensure that all areas are covered and procedures are understood.

    Individual Employee Assessments

    As part of our service, you will receive individual employee health assessments which includes – annual, induction and redeployment.

    This is provided to ensure:

    Wurkplace can also offer a private counselling service in an effort to go the extra mile to look after your staff’s mental health, gain trust and confidence from your staff which will boost their overall morale.

    Sickness and Absence Management System

    It is a fact that long-term sickness and absence can not only damage production but also affect staff morale and job satisfaction. Wurkplace experts utilise engaging procedures to assist employees in managing their absence and sickness. Our Occupational Health and Safety consultants offer support and regular communication for staff.

    With the proper sickness and absence management, even saving one day a year per employee would give a massive boost in their productivity and in your company’s profits.

    With our HR Management Software, you can manage sickness and absence with ease using a simple method called the Bradford factor (a way of measuring employee absenteeism).

    The Bradford factor will flag up and let you know when an employee’s absence is becoming a concern. It will also inform you of any recurring patterns in absence, for example – an individual constantly having Mondays off.

    If you would like Wurkplace to take the risk out of your business, or to find out more information about our Occupational Health and Safety Management service then please get in touch. We would love to give you an overview of our services.

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