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We provide credible, outsourced Employment Law Support for companies in the UK. But how does that support your business? If you want a successful business which operates with minimal legal risk, making sure you are legally compliant is essential.

Having correct, compliant, and functional procedures and policies in place will hugely reduce legal risk.

At Wurkplace, we help companies of all sizes with their Employment Law issues and present solutions personalised to each of our clients.

I would recommend Wurkplace to any company that’s is struggling with HR and employment regulations. The wurkplace are always on hand, and work with the business as if they were employed direct. Wurkplace have been supporting Riello’s HR needs for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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    Are You Looking For legal help?

    Then you’ve come to the right place! Employment Law is a complicated area, especially now as we are all adjusting to the new normal with regards to COVID-19 (including furlough, social distancing + cleaning, home-based working, etc), if your company needs support – we’re here to help!

    If you are concerned about cost, or worry that your provider is charging too much, then you should consider using Wurkplace instead. We are a small but highly qualified team of friendly consultants based in the UK, eager to help your business’ needs. 

    We know that every business is unique, which is why we personalise our services to your business, to ensure you get the best service and advice possible. Whether you need to completely outsource your HR or just need ad-hoc support, we can help!

    Employment Law Services

    Our Employment Law Professionals can help you with:

    Director Contracts

    As part of our legal advice we support with the development of comprehensive director contracts, making sure that all parties’ rights and responsibilities are complete and compliant.


    We can facilitate the smooth transfer of employees from business to business by advising on TUPE regulations and procedures. This takes the risk out of your transfer and allows you to focus on what’s important.

    Business Acquisitions

    Wurkplace can assist in the sale, purchase, or merger of your company or a company of your choosing. Making sure that your business and transaction is compliant and legally covered.

    Large Scale Redundancies and restructuring

    Calculating redundancy and embedding the correct procedures for your company to process redundancies. We support with this on a small or large scale, as well as in the restructuring of your business.


    Wurkplace support you and your staff in mediating issues within your business, mitigating the of legal dispute and settlements.

    Settlement Agreements

    In the event of a legal dispute, Wurkplace can assist in resolving legal disputes before or after tribunal. Preparing tribunal documents and settlement agreements, if need be.

    Restrictive Covenants

    Develop and embed restrictive covenants which can protect your business from loss of staff to competitors, client or buyer poaching, and unwanted site visitations.

    Negotiating with ACAS and employee representatives

    We can negotiate on behalf of your company with any number of employee representatives, such as ACAS or the respective trade unions.

    Immigration and overseas workers

    Making sure your sponsorship documents are correct and compliant, handling immigration tribunal documents, and making sure your immigration procedures adhere to current legislation.

    How We Understand Your Business

    We understand that running a business means you have to navigate a myriad of different legal issues, for various reasons. Often, small and medium-sized businesses may may not have the resources to cover their own legal needs, and many larger companies may find their in-house legal team can struggle to keep up with large levels employment law issues. This is where we come in!

    Once you get in touch with us, we will match you with one of our expert consultants immediately, who will conduct an initial review of your practices, documents, and policies, with the aim of getting to know and understand your business, whether you are currently complying to employment legislation, and identifying how we can improve.

    As part of your bespoke service, your business will be able to choose additional recommendations and services that you may need. Wurkplace will be able to execute these additional needs on your behalf.

    How Wurkplace Is Different

    Wurkplace is a small people-focused company that provides advice and support for any business, small or large – Unlike other outsourcing providers we are a retainer company. We don’t believe in restrictive long-term contracts.

    We also don’t believe in using call centres. With Wurkplace, you will have access to our small team of highly qualified experts straight away, who will then match you with one of our fully qualified Employment Law Consultants who provide personalised Employment Law advice and support.

    Our dedicated Phone Helpline and Email service are for the use of you and your team, as and when you need it.

    Dealing with these issues can often be time-consuming, disruptive, and expensive. Wurkplace can deal with these for you, freeing you up to focus on more important matters.

    Our Members Suite

    As one of our Wurkplace clients, you will have access to our dedicated client portal accessed online – through our website – to keep you up to date!

    You will then have access to:

    Legal Compliance

    We will always ensure that you have robust and legally compliant essential documents to give you the peace of mind that you need. We will conduct a review of your Employee Handbook and Contracts of Employments providing expert feedback and ensuring that your documents are up to date, legal and fit for purpose.

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