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Employment Law Services

HR and legal support for your employment needs.

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Our Employment Law Services covers a broad range of needs in the area of employment and workplace relations. We provide expert HR and legal support and representation in all aspects of Employment Law and HR, including employment contracts, policies, and procedures, industrial relations, and workplace health and safety. Our HR and legal support lawyers can assist you in resolving disputes and provide representation in court or tribunal proceedings. We also offer training and seminars for businesses, customised to their specific needs. Whether you’re an employee or employer, we can provide you with the HR and legal support guidance you need to ensure your rights and interests are protected. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you with your employment and workplace relation matters.

I would recommend Wurkplace to any company that’s is struggling with HR and employment regulations. The wurkplace are always on hand, and work with the business as if they were employed direct. Wurkplace have been supporting Riello’s HR needs for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

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Need HR and Legal support Assistance?

With the ever-changing landscape of employment law, it’s essential to have reliable HR legal assistance. Our team of experienced attorneys specialise in HR matters, including compliance, litigation, and policy development. We understand the unique challenges of managing a workforce and can provide proactive solutions to mitigate risks and protect your business’s interests. Whether it’s navigating complex labour laws, drafting and negotiating executive contracts, or handling employee disputes, our attorneys can guide you through every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help ensure your business stays in compliance with employment laws and regulations.

HR and Employment Law Services

Wurkplace offers a range of HR and Employment Law services related to employment law. They assist with employment contracts, HR policies, and employee handbooks. They provide ongoing HR support, training, and representation in employment tribunals. Wurkplace helps businesses navigate employment law complexities and ensure compliance.

Director Contracts

Directors need a solid contract that outlines responsibilities, compensation, benefits, and employment terms. It’s important to work with legal professionals to ensure the contract is legally binding and provides necessary protections. Having a clear contract defines a director’s role and provides stability for business success. Invest time and resources to create a strong agreement.


TUPE protects employees during business transfers, guaranteeing their terms, rights, and job security. Proper communication and consultation between both parties ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption. Non-compliance can result in legal action and reputational harm, so seek legal advice to ensure a successful transfer and secure your employees’ rights.

Business Acquisitions

Acquiring a business can bring benefits, but also bring HR and legal challenges. HR must treat employees fairly and align benefits. Legal must navigate complex laws related to mergers & acquisitions. Failure to address these can lead to costly lawsuits. Careful planning and expert guidance is essential.

Redundancies and Restructuring

Restructuring is common in business. It can be tough but necessary for success. Companies should handle it with empathy and transparency, offering support to affected employees. They should also focus on sustainable restructuring, reevaluating processes and investing in new technology. Redundancies and restructuring can be tough, but they can lead to growth and positive change.


Mediation is a way to solve disagreements. A neutral third party, called a mediator, helps people come to an agreement. Unlike going to court, mediation is a teamwork process that promotes communication and creative solutions. Mediation is useful for various issues, such as business or divorce. It is typically less costly and time-consuming than going to court. The mediator facilitates discussion and helps parties understand their interests. The goal is to find a solution that satisfies everyone involved. Mediation can help preserve relationships and avoid the stress and uncertainty of going to court.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements are legal contracts that solve disputes without going through court. They outline the terms of settlement, including financial compensation and confidentiality clauses. It’s important to consult a lawyer for protection of rights and interests. Resolving disputes promptly with a well-drafted agreement saves time and avoids further legal action.

Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants are a crucial aspect of property ownership, as they serve to limit the use of the property in order to protect the interests of the owner. These covenants can impose a wide variety of requirements, such as regular maintenance and upkeep, and help to maintain the uniformity and value of the neighbourhood as a whole. Whether they are agreed upon by interested parties or mandated by local government, these covenants play a vital role in ensuring that communities remain vibrant and prosperous over the long term.

Negotiating with ACAS and employees.

When negotiating with ACAS and employees, it’s crucial to understand the desired outcome, communicate openly, listen to all parties, collaborate, and be willing to compromise. Professionalism and respect are also important. Success requires careful preparation and effective communication.

Immigration and Foreign Workers

Foreign workers are important for many businesses, but HR laws related to immigration can be complex. Companies need to navigate these regulations to access global talent. Different countries have visa and work permit programs that affect both employees and employers. Keeping up-to-date on HR law is necessary to stay compliant and benefit from a diverse workforce. Consult with professionals to ensure compliance.

HR Support Understanding Your Business

As an employer, it is crucial to understand the HR laws that affect your business. These laws govern everything from hiring practices to compensation and termination procedures. Compliance with HR laws is not optional, and failing to follow them can result in costly fines and legal fees. By understanding these laws, you can avoid potential legal entanglements and foster a positive work environment for your employees. Some key points to consider include anti-discrimination laws, family and medical leave policies, employee classification and overtime regulations, and workplace safety standards. Consult with an experienced HR professional or employment lawyer to ensure that your business remains in compliance with relevant HR laws and regulations.

How Wurkplace Is Different

Wurkplace stands out from the competition by offering a unique approach to workplace management. Our platform focuses on communication, collaboration, and productivity. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for teams to communicate and collaborate on projects, no matter where they are. We provide a range of tools that help teams stay on top of deadlines, milestones, and goals. Our robust analytics dashboard allows managers to gain insights into team performance and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, we offer top-notch customer support and training to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our platform. Overall, Wurkplace is committed to helping teams work better together and achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

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We will always ensure that you have robust and legally compliant essential documents to give you the peace of mind that you need. We will conduct a review of your Employee Handbook and Contracts of Employments providing expert feedback and ensuring that your documents are up to date, legal and fit for purpose.

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