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Are you having issues with your business’s HR? Look no further – we can help! No company can avoid the occasional people problem, it happens to everyone.

At Wurkplace, we have a small team of HR and Employment Law experts that provide bespoke outsourced HR services based in the UK. We like to get to know your company before we give any advice unlike some of our HR consultancies competitors, this allows us to personalise our HR support services to you instead of giving general advice and guidance.

As a growing SME we require ongoing HR support. Wurkplace acts as our in-house HR department. For a fixed monthly fee we receive unlimited HR email and telephone support. We have our own dedicated HR advisor who has assisted us with high-quality advice and helped us through a few tricky HR situations. Invaluable and highly recommended.
Stiebel Eltron
Wurkplace Client Of 7 Years
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    Looking For Expert HR Services For Your Business?

    At Wurkplace, we believe that SME businesses deserve to have great HR too, not just larger companies who can afford an in-house team.

    We pride ourselves on providing outstanding HR services that are affordable to all our potential clients – small or large!

    Unlike bigger outsourced HR companies we like to take a personal approach and keep the control in your hands – with affordable rates and no long-term contracts, we allow you to choose what’s best for your business and its goals.

    When you get in contact with us you won’t be speaking to call centre staff because we believe you should speak with an expert from the get-go!

    Our team of experts work closely with all levels of employees; from admin to managers and right up to directors/owners to ensure you have a fully comprehensive HR service that serves all your business’s needs.

    Especially through the COVID-19 pandemic, we know how important and crucial staff are to keep a business running – that’s why we want to handle your HR, so you don’t have to!

    Not only do we have HR experts but we also have an experienced health and safety team too.

    We’re all getting used to the new normal and we can help your company comply with the new and changing legislation and policies, keeping you COVID secure and giving you peace of mind. Don’t know where to turn? Wurkplace can help!

    How Can Our HR Consultants Help?

    Wurkplace provides professional, credible and reliable HR Services, throughout the UK with our HQ based near North West England and North Wales including Chester, Liverpool and Manchester.

    Whatever your requirements are – our team can help you succeed; you could join our diverse list of happy clients! We can help businesses of all shapes, sizes and structures; offering a low-cost business package for SME businesses.

    If your existing in-house HR team needs support or you need the full HR package, Wurkplace can help.

    Our range of HR support services for our clients include, but not limited to:

    You will have access to your highly-trained HR Consultant at any time you need; We can provide you with the support, guidance and reassurance on all your HR issues.

    If you need us – we’re only a phone call or email away! If you need help with a big and time-consuming issue or just need Ad-Hoc support, Wurkplace has got you covered.

    We have a dedicated HR Helpline and Email service for the use of your managers or internal HR team – we are always here if and when you need us.

    We have full availability for your company so you can get fast and direct replies from our team.

    HR Services and Employment Law Support

    The process will start with you meeting one of our dedicated HR Consultants (who is matched to you) to discuss your existing HR Processes and identify how we can help and support you further.

    Our consultant will work with you to understand your requirements and provide a bespoke service to suit your business. They will gather valuable information about your unique business and provide you with a fully-costed HR service with no unnecessary additional fees, we’re flexible to your budget. Our team of highly-qualified professionals wants to take the hassle out of HR for you!

    Having a poorly organised HR system can lead to unnecessary costs, time lost and disruption for you and your business.

    It could also lead to legal issues which can waste a lot of additional time and money. Our expert legal advisors can give you better legal compliance to protect your company from any potential legal proceedings.

    With Wurkplace, our fully-qualified HR and Law experts will ensure your paperwork is legally compliant and robust.

    We will conduct initial reviews of all your documentation to make sure everything is up to date and accurate.

    Then every month we will do a review of your employee contracts, handbooks and other paperwork – providing professional feedback and ensuring your documents are legal and fit for purpose.

    Reach Out For HR Services UK and Unlimited Advice

    One of the worst things you can do regarding HR is to wait until a problem arises to take action. Defend your company from potential issues by being proactive.

    People are our business, we can aid you in achieving your business goals by assisting you to meet all of your HR needs.

    Wurkplace is becoming one of the leading small HR consultancies in the UK providing AD-HOC advice to full management support solutions, and we can help you now!

    Wurkplace will ensure your HR Policies and Procedures are updated, meeting the latest UK regulations. For further details about Wurkplace’s HR Support Services call our team on 0330 400 5490 or contact us.

    HR Services FAQ

    As an organisation that provides HR services for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to people management within teams.

    Wurkplace HR Consultants provide a tailored HR service, covering topics like disciplinary issues, management of teams, employment law, change managment projects, recruitment, payroll and benefits and much more. HR consultants provide a safety net to your businees and take the risk out of the back office.

    The role of a HR consultant is a great asset to any business. They are usually responsible for bridging the gap between Employee & Employers they also insure the companies capital serves the best interest of the company.

    Stick to what you are good at. Specialise in an area of HR where there is market demand. If you plan to work alone, line up at least six months' work before you start. Be organised and resilient. Prepare to network in order to find new leads. Keep skills and knowledge up to date Wurkplace is always on the look out for new HR consultants, so get in touch and see if we can help create your future

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