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Every transport business has its own specific set of Health & Safety, HR and Online Training challenges; for example, there are customer-facing roles (e.g. bus drivers) in transport but there can also be lone working (e.g. truck drivers), which both face different issues and regulations! Noncompliance can result in hefty fines or even prosecutions.

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We really appreciate all the support and guidance Wurkplace has given us with our company’s HR – Their customised solutions help us stay in compliance with HR laws, providing us with HR document templates and tailored employee handbooks. Also, the HR management system Wurkplace use has improved our HR efficiency. They have a great team, with a lot of experience and it really shows!

Mick Hadley MD, World Wide Travel
We aren’t like most other outsource Health & Safety and HR companies – We’re UK based and don’t use call centres, meaning when you contact us you’ll be directly connected to one of our team of experts who can give you guidance straight away! Additionally, we do not believe in using long-term contracts with our clients, so they can keep control of their businesses services.

Transport Health and Safety Health & Safety

The top 3 Health and Safety issues facing the Transport industry are: 

  1. Loads Moving or Falling Off Vehicle HSE found that in 2006-2007 there were 5 deaths and more than 216 injuries caused by loads falling onto people or the road, not just to drivers but also members of the public too. Employers have a responsibility to make sure drivers are trained in Health and Safety, to ensure vehicle loads are properly secured to the vehicle will reduce this risk. Wurkplace can make bespoke risk assessments to keep you fully compliant and safe!

    Employers have a responsibility to make sure drivers are trained in Health and Safety, to ensure vehicle loads are properly secured to the vehicle will reduce this risk. Wurkplace can make bespoke risk assessments to keep you fully compliant and safe!

  2. Vehicle Safety – Employers in the transport industry are responsible for making sure equipment, including vehicles, are safe and fit for purpose. Drivers should have good visibility, warning systems (e.g. lights and noise), seat belts and injury prevention (roll cage, etc) in place which should all make the vehicle safer! Our training, like the workplace safety course, can be tailored to your business; Ensuring drivers know how to make safe vehicle checks, etc.

  3. Harassment – Violence and harassment is a potential risk to all those working in the transport sector (e.g. airline, ferry, train, bus, taxi, etc). Research has shown 14.7% of those working in land-transportation had received a threat of violence, which is why staff need to be protected! We provide bespoke training to the transport industry – like our anti-harassment and bullying course, and our sexual harassment course which will ensure the safety of your transport staff members!

At Wurkplace, we provide outsourced Health and Safety services with a personal touch – tailoring all solutions to your business. Our team of Health and Safety consultants are experienced in dealing with transport Health and Safety issues, so you don’t have to worry about compliance!

Our Health and Safety Consultants can help the transport sector with:

  • Initial & Annual Transport Audits – We will conduct a full audit of all your Health and Safety policies & procedures initially. Then we will do a further audit annually to ensure your transport vehicles and staff are safe!

  • Transport Risk Assessments – Creating bespoke general, fire and COSHH risk assessments to identify any potential risks and put in place procedures and control to reduce these risks.

  • Site Visits – Our consultants can regularly visit and inspect your premises & vehicles to ensure all potential risks in your workplace are fully assessed and controlled. Occupational Health – We can help with a range of occupational health issues facing the transport sector; with our qualified nurse for further support with occupational health referrals, medical screenings, sickness management, physio and on-site support.

  • Health and Safety Transport Training – Our bespoke on-site and online training courses are RoSPA appraise and ISO accredited! This helps the transport industry protect its workers Health and Safety.

  • Transport Health and Safety Updates – The Health and Safety consultants will update you monthly with any new or changing legislation that may affect your transport business!

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Transport HR

The top 3 HR issues facing the Transport industry are:

  1. Staff Recruitment & RetentionResearch has found that this is one of the biggest HR issues facing the transport sector; hiring talented and motivated staff can be difficult, as well as lowering staff turnover. There can be long hours, traffic stress and long periods of time away from home which can all reduce the likelihood of hiring and retaining staff! Our fully comprehensive HR service makes employees feel valued and our HR software can aid with recruitment.

  2. Licence Checks – It is the responsibility of HR to ensure the proper pre-employment licence checks have been conducted, and each year this needs to be checked again! Employees need a valid license for the vehicles they will be operating and DBS checks need to be done if they’ll be working with the general public, like bus drivers! Our online HR system can automate all these pesky checks, ensuring all your employees have the right licences and qualifications for the job.

  3. Employment Law Issues – There can be a number of potential risks facing the transport industry, for both staff and the general public. This increases the probability of employment law issues occurring, for example, trade union issues and grievances. Our team of experts are qualified and experienced in Employment Law and can help with the issues the transport sector faces!

We also offer outsourced HR services that are bespoke to your unique transport business, taking care of all your people-problems and supporting your staff members! We have a team of highly-qualified HR consultants that are well versed in transport HR and Employment Law issues within the transport industry! 

Our HR consultants can help the Transport sector with:

  • Full Transport HR Audits – Our consultants will get to know and then audit all of your HR policies & procedures. They will give you their expert recommendations on how to improve, then once a year they will review your HR policies to ensure compliance!

  • Employment Law Issues – We can help transport businesses with any employment law issues faced. Our HR consultants can support you with grievances, disputes, disciplinaries, TUPE, redundancies, sickness management and more.

  • Transport Contracts & Handbooks – Creating bespoke employee handbooks & contracts for your transport workers, these include all relevant HR policies, procedures and terms of employment.

  • Implementing an Online HR System – The online HR software we use will automate traditional transport HR admit work; payroll, tracking employees attendance and performance, storing all relevant documentation, creating job descriptions, tracking and comparing job applicants!

  • Transport HR Training – Our online and on-site HR training courses can be personalised to your transport business, this ensures your workers develop their skills and follow HR procedures.

  • HR Updates for Transport – We will contact you monthly updating you on all the new or changing HR legislation, allowing you to always stay compliant.

  • Transport Legal Insurance – Our consultants can also offer optional legal insurance to protect your transport business from legal fees, up to the value of £100,000.

Health & Safety and HR Training in Transport

Finally, Wurkplace offers a large variety of online and on-site Health & Safety and HR training courses that can be customised to your specific transport business. All of our courses are accredited by CPD and approved by IOSH and RoSPA – Always keeping businesses in the transport industry compliant with UK laws and regulations!

The Health & Safety and HR training courses that relate to the transport industry include (not limited to):

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