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Wurkplace provides Human Resources outsourcing services support for you with any HR hurdles you may run into. Whether you’re looking for a specialist to completely manage your HR or looking for an expert to complement your existing in-house HR department; we will match and assign you to a dedicated qualified HR Consultant/Advisor to meet all of your HR demands.
We have been using Wurkplace services for over a year now, when a situation occurred and we needed additional legal support. Rachel was assigned to our case immediately to offer us support and guidance. She was very informative of all our options, used a friendly yet professional approach, and did not overload us with complicated processes and procedures.
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    Are You Looking For Expert Human Resources Outsourcing For Your Business?

    We know that for SME businesses that having a full in-house HR team can be impractical and unaffordable. That is why Wurkplace offers low-cost HR Service packages for small and medium-sized companies, to ensure you can get the support you deserve!

    Common HR Outsourcing functions we carry out for existing clients

    All of these can be securely stored on our online, cloud-based HR management system. Making it simple and easy to track and care for your employees.

    HR Outsourcing Service Details

    Our existing clients benefit greatly from our manager packs and standard letters which provide step by step guides to managing typical day to day HR situations – making HR easy.

    Here are some examples:

    We personalise all of our HR outsourcing services to your specific business, leaving general HR behind in favour of bespoke services. We want what is best for you, your staff and your company!

    Our HR outsourcing model allows for total flexibility and an adapting HR service, when your company changes – the HR service should change with you! Our highly-qualified team of HR professionals will be with every step of the way, providing you with the appropriate support as and when you need it.

    There is no need to worry about HR anymore, we have got you covered!

    Benefits and Costs of HR Outsourcing

    There are some obvious advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing your HR, it’s not always right for every business. It all depends on your own company goals and resources!

    If you’re a small or medium business you may not be able to have a big HR team on-site and larger businesses HR teams can often struggle with their workload.

    Some of those advantages are:

    1. Outsourcing your HR services can save you money – we can help you reduce any unnecessary spending, for example; a full-time HR team may not be needed and less legal fees as all your documentation will be legally compliant.
    2. You will get access to highly-trained and qualified HR experts – meaning we can support and guide you through all your potential HR issues.
    3. There will be more time to focus on what’s important to your business – you can spend less time worrying about traditional HR admin, we’ve got you covered!

    There are 2 main disadvantages to outsourcing HR, which are:

    1. Less of a personal service compared to in-house HR – having an off-site team can lead to issues regarding how well your outsource HR company knows your business and communication issues.
    2. You give up control of your HR services – meaning you have less say in how your HR issues are resolved which can lower your service quality.

    However, at Wurkplace we take pride in getting to know your company as best we can, fully optimising our services to you, the client.

    We provide bespoke outsourced HR services to many clients and we realise every business is unique, so their HR service should be unique too!

    We are available at all times to help and make our service feel more personal to you and your company.

    We also do not believe in long-term contracts or commitments, this allows you to retain control of your outsourced HR services.

    There’s no-nonsense with Wurkplace, if you don’t like something we have made it easy to change our services, allowing you to keep control – you know what’s best for your company!

    On top of this, we are also only a phone call away to help with any HR query.

    We pride ourselves on having expert HR consultants who are at the top of their profession and can work with your business managers to create bespoke training or performance management systems.

    So, are you still asking yourself why you should outsource your HR? Or asking yourself why you should choose Wurkplace?

    You can contact us by phone or email – you won’t be put through to a call centre, you’ll be able to speak directly with our team of HR experts. Visit our contact page for more information.

    For expert Human Resources Outsourcing, contact a member of our team now on 0330 400 5490, or try our quick quote tool to arrange your FREE consultation.

    Human Resources Outsourcing FAQ

    As an organisation that provides human resources outsourcing for small businesses, we are commonly asked a number of questions in relation to people management within teams.

    According to CIPD Outsourcing any activity to an external provider can offer benefits,
    such as increased efficiency and access to expertise. But it can also present challenges such as loss of local knowledge and processes. Wurkplace HR outsourcing takes all this
    into consideration and offers a bespoke outsourcing service all partners.

    As an example, a small business with up to 7 staff would pay around £180 per month.

    According to the Guardian, Generally speaking, the top three reasons cited for outsourcing HR are access to skills and knowledge, gaining better quality support than the business is able to be offer in-house and the costs saved. This saving comes from the company either not requiring an HR person in-house, or enabling the person who had taken on the HR function to focus on revenue generating work

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