When is the Right Time to Hire People?
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When is the Right Time to Hire People?

When is the right time to hire people? This may seem like a straightforward question… well when we have an open position? Although that is the go to, there are still some things that you need to consider in order to benefit your company.

Let’s start with the obvious…


When you have a vacancy

Of course when a previous employee resigns, retires or is promoted there will be a position that needs to be filled. You will need to recruit to fill this role. But what happens when the role that is becoming vacant is a higher level role requiring a high level of experience? This is where you can look at succession – is there anyone that has prospects that is already in the business to fill this role? If so, then you can then promote this person who is aware of the company and has the potential to be trained at a higher level. This will not only improve your employee engagement but also free a role that could be more easily filled.


When you are a start up

When you are starting up you may not have an abundance of finances behind you to have a big recruitment drive. However, you will still need to recruit some key people in order for your business to flourish. This will help you delegate roles such as payroll or administration work that is time consuming and takes away the time needed to grow your business. Recruitment strategies such as social media / online forums can be useful as most of them are free however, you need to ensure that you are not being discriminatory and alternatives such as an add in the paper can also be used in conjunction.


When you are growing / work has increased

When you are receiving more orders, getting more clients or just the overall demand of services is growing then you will need to meet this demand with the correct level of supply. In order to do this, you may need to hire people to cover this. However, you need to ensure that when you hire people you actually have the time to train these new recruits. You must also ensure that they are positively impacting the business.


Your employees are burning out

If you see that your employees are being overworked, increasing in stress levels and can not cope with the level of work then it can be a good idea to recruit more employees so that your current employees don’t burn out. This will ensure that your employees remain engaged, productivity does not decrease and employees’ wellbeing is not put at risk. This all facilitates a positive workplace culture. Recruiting more employees may actually save you money in the long run by avoiding these consequences.


Customers are complaining

You don’t want customer dissatisfaction and your reputation to fall. It could be that your current employees are not performing as much as they should. This could mean that you need to recruit higher level employees. These would likely engage, motivate and increase levels of productivity. They also may ensure the workload is properly managed.


New skills needed

It may be that you have a new project in the pipelines… Or, your company is stagnant and you want to give the company a push in the right direction. A new set of skills, personality or culture may be exactly what your company may need. A fresh new approach may be needed. Or it could be that a certain qualification or experience level is needed.


Revenue is decreasing

Following on from the previous, if revenue is decreasing you may need new employees to solve this. For example, sales people may be recruited to build client relations or contracts.


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