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Absence Management

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Workplace Absence with Wurkplace’s Outsourced HR Solutions


Workplace absence can be a challenging issue for businesses to handle effectively. However, with Wurkplace’s outsourced HR solutions, managing absence becomes simpler, allowing you to focus on your core business. In this guide, we will explore the latest insights from the CIPD UK and demonstrate how Wurkplace can assist you in creating a positive and productive work environment.


Understanding Workplace Absence:

Define absence: Absence refers to the unplanned or unscheduled absence of employees from work.

Types of absence: Differentiate between short-term, long-term, and intermittent absence.

Causes of absence: Identify common reasons such as illness, stress, childcare responsibilities, or poor work-life balance, Click for help here 

The Cost of Absence:


Highlight the financial implications: Cite CIPD UK’s findings on the direct and indirect costs of absence, including lost productivity, overtime expenses, and decreased customer satisfaction.

Emphasize the impact on team morale and workload distribution. Check out the latest fact sheet from CIPD by clicking HERE


Partnering with Wurkplace for HR Outsourcing:


Access Wurkplace’s expertise: With our outsourced HR solutions, you can rely on our experienced professionals to handle absence management efficiently, saving you time and resources.

Tailored absence management policy: Wurkplace will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive absence management policy that aligns with your organization’s values and goals.


Promoting a Positive Work Environment:


Employee well-being initiatives: Wurkplace can assist in implementing employee well-being programs, promoting work-life balance, and providing access to employee assistance programs.

Stress management support: Our experts can work with you to identify and address workplace stress factors, offering solutions to reduce their impact on employee absence rates.


Supporting Return to Work:


Structured return-to-work process: Wurkplace will help you establish a supportive program for employees returning from long-term absence, ensuring a smooth transition back into the workplace.

Additional resources and support: Through our HR outsourcing solutions, we can provide necessary resources such as training, mentoring, or coaching to aid employees in their reintegration.


Monitoring and Reporting:


Advanced absence management systems: Wurkplace offers state-of-the-art tools to effectively track, monitor, and analyze absence rates within your organization, providing valuable insights for future planning.

Customized reporting: Our HR outsourcing services include tailored reporting, enabling you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions.


Promoting Employee Engagement:


Cultivating a positive work culture: Wurkplace can help you develop and implement employee engagement initiatives, such as recognition programs and team-building activities, fostering a motivated workforce.

– Managerial support and training: We provide guidance and training to your line managers, equipping them with the skills needed to effectively manage absence and support their teams.



With Wurkplace’s outsourced HR solutions, you can streamline your absence management processes.

This will reduce costs, and create a positive work environment that promotes productivity and employee well-being. By leveraging our expertise and incorporating the latest insights from the CIPD UK, your organization can benefit from efficient HR outsourcing.

Contact Wurkplace today to discover how our services can support your absence management requirements and drive your business forward.

If you need more guidance, contact us here. We have experts waiting to help!

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