Annual Leave Entitlement Renewal
Leave Entitlement

Annual Leave Entitlement Renewal

It’s that time of year again,  for staff’s annual leave entitlement to be renewed.  Trying to ensure that those holidays won’t bunch can be difficult.  You’re already spending all your time managing teams and running the business so I bet you’re struggling to find the time to do this alongside day to day duties.

Many employers benefit massively by the implementation of our HR system.  This technology allows you to manage staff and their annual leave entitlement with a click of a button.  It also provides reports and notifications to inform you:Health and Safety Training

  • When employee holidays start bunching
  • Bench marking within sector
  • Sickness and Absence
  • When a return to work is required
  • Staff turnover
  • Salary increases
  • Busiest month

Wurkplace can provide full implementation, administration of staff data and training for system use to ensure you can manage your staff quickly, and efficiently, reducing manual processing and paperwork.

To book a free demo of the system, go here.

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