Changing Attitudes To HR In Manufacturing
Changing attitudes to HR in manufacturing

Changing Attitudes To HR In Manufacturing

Attitudes To HR In Manufacturing


Human resources is important in any sector to ensure that the company acts within legislation, operations runs smoothly, day-today administrative work is taken care of and employees are happy within their role however, human resources in manufacturing seems to be needed more than ever.

Human resources’ key role is to improve employee performance which allows the company to be more successful. HR services include anything related to managing and developing employees.


The manufacturing sector is a rapidly growing sector with many investors. This means that the industry is having to adapt to the rapid growth and need for more employees to meet this demand.

Recruitment and Induction


As the demand in the manufacturing sector is growing, this means that the amount of employees needed to meet deadlines and output has increased.

This means that Human Resources is essential to ensure that the recruitment and induction process is efficient and employees the right people at the right time and right place to ensure that the overall workload is managed.

Human Resources in manufacturing also means that a thorough induction process can be implemented and checked.

This means that managers can have an induction process already managed for them so it does not disrupt them but also have employee who can hit the ground running as employees need to be self-driven and self-directed in many ways.

Many manufacturing businesses are impressed with how HR can ensure that their labour needs are met.

Training and development


Human resources in manufacturing can mean that the skills and knowledge of employees can be checked and assessed. This can find any gaps in the workforce and training that needs to be implemented to fill these gaps.

As manufacturing companies take on array of work this means that they need the workforce to align with the needs of their clients.

Having HR to aid with this is a huge benefit and one that is well received by those in the manufacturing business.

Managing performance


It is essential that in all companies’ employees are working to the expected standard, this is no different in the manufacturing industry.

Human resources in manufacturing can implement and aid managers with appraisals, capabilities, 1:1s, and probations to ensure the employees are performing as they should and if they are not then HR can then aid with implementing processes to ensure that they are.

As ensuring employees fit with the organisational goals and culture is key for manufacturers then having these processes in place is vital.

Employee retention


With a fast-growing sector you need to ensure that you are keeping key staff.

Human resources in manufacturing can ensure that policies and process are put in place such as company benefits like flexible working, bonuses and wellbeing programmes are in place to ensure that this happens.

As employee turnover is quite common in the manufacturing business, companies are really seeing the benefit of having HR.



It has become crucial for manufacturing businesses to offer clear and concise communication which will enable employees to feel more prepared than panicked; and remain connected with the company especially after the Coronavirus pandemic than causes so much confusion for all.

Having a team that is separate from managers who employees can go to with any issue or concern that they may have has had a positive impact on employees in the manufacturing industry.

Young talent


It has been known that the manufacturing industry can struggle to recruit and retain a younger generation of employees.

Engineering graduates, MBAs and apprentices engaged under various disciplines is the needed in the sector. However, the administrative tasks associated with buying these are often overlooked by busy mangers.

Businesses are now much more likely to have HR help with tasks like this so that they can still get the talent, but their managers can still focus on their work and not burnout due to overload.

How Wurkplace can help


Wurkplace can help your company as we are a team of skilled and experience HR consultants who currently work with a number of manufacturing companies.

We can aid with the whole employee life cycle with your company, ensure that your company is HR compliant and legal. We have an array of documents and a direct helpdesk to aid with any of your queries.

If you need support or guidance, talk to one of our experts today – You can use our easy online contact form, or give us a call on: 0330 400 5490.

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