Contingency Plans for Winter
Contingency Plans for Winter - Wurkplace Blog

Contingency Plans for Winter

So far this year the weather has been quite mild but the temperature is dropping.  Wurkplace can help create and implement contingency plans for winter for businesses dedicated to keeping the company premises free from accidents.

As an employer it is your duty to stay compliant with Health and Safety legislation and keep your staff and site visitors free from harm.  To do this, you must consider:

  • Remember to keep pathways clear, areas that people are likely to walk (i.e. car parks, in front of offices, etc.)
  • Buy ample amounts of salt and grit before stocks run low as last year many suppliers ran out and this resulted in a few unnecessary accidents occurring
  • Salt and grit work better when applied the night before so spread it in problem areas before you go home rather than when you get to work in the morning
  • Wear sensible footwear and try to communicate this to your staff
  • Water spilt on concrete will freeze overnight or even during the day if it’s very cold so monitor areas and do not use hot water to defrost car windscreens
  • Record all accidents and act on problems before they can cause serious accidenPrevent trip hazards in the workplacets and injury
  • Be flexible – if bad weather stops staff getting in then see if alternative arrangements can be made
  • Make sure all relevant internal and external lighting is working, especially around any steps, ramps or car parks. Replace broken bulbs quickly
  • Finally, be careful of entrance areas to any buildings as these can become slippery

Make appropriate arrangements early to save paying the price later.  For any additional advice or support such as risk assessments, policies and procedure – call 0330 400 5490 and a Wurkplace Safety Consultant can assist your business needs.  Alternatively, submit a quick quote here.

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