Creating A Positive And Engaging Workplace Environment
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Creating A Positive And Engaging Workplace Environment

Going to work is something that we do most days, so walking into a positive environment is always preferred.

Nobody wants to work as part of a team where morale is low and everybody has lost interest, so keeping the spirit up and encouraging staff is essential. You’re unlikely to see great results from staff that aren’t engaged, so its up to you to do something about it.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the different methods you can use to promote an engaging and positive work environment and see an increase in productivity because of it.

Give Positive Feedback

When trying to create a positive and engaged workforce, one of the easiest and most effective methods is the use of positive feedback and language.

Regular feedback is great for letting staff know they are doing a good job, and will encourage them to keep working at a similar standard. Outlining the positive work someone is doing and letting them know the areas they are excelling at will show that you respect them, and they will be more likely to take onboard any constructive criticism you may have.

You’d be surprised by the positive impact a simple “well done” or “good job” can have.


Encourage Ideas

Having an open mind towards ideas and brainstorming as a team is fantastic for boosting morale and creating an engaging environment.

Throwing around ideas and solutions gives everyone the chance to put “their two cents in”, and you could end up finding the perfect idea because of it.

If a person is consistently shut down when presenting ideas, then that person is likely to lose interest in what they are doing and feel as if they aren’t contributing to the company. This feeling of rejection can lead to a negative outlook towards the job, and they may end up leaving the position.

Have An Open Door Policy

A team that talks is a healthy team, and allowing your employees to come to you with any problems or issues they are facing is a great idea.

Operating an open door policy means that members of staff can come to you at any time and sit down and have a chat (provided you aren’t extremely busy). Being able to have these one on one sit downs works well for ensuring the feeling that everyone is part of a team, and the ability to voice their concerns will have a positive impact on their mental health too.


Promote A Team Effort

Sometimes the workload can be too much, and all you need is a little help.

Treating the work as a team effort rather than individual efforts is a much more efficient way of going about things, and will bring the employees closer together as a whole. If somebody is falling behind, encourage other members of staff to help them and share some expertise on the area they are struggling.

Certain employees will always have specific tasks to do, but giving help where needed will have a positive impact on the team. With the company’s success being the main focus, it only makes sense for everyone to band together as a team.

Have A Designated Communal Area

A lunch break is the time to relax for a little while and have a breather away from work, but some people still choose to eat at their desk.

It might sound trivial, but eating lunch at your desk will not give you the feeling of taking a break away from work, and can almost feel like you haven’t had a break at all which is likely to impact on your productivity.

Having a communal eating area where people can enjoy their break away from their desk is really important, and will encourage staff to communicate and bond with each other. Allowing staff to escape the desk for to grab a cup of tea and a bite to eat will give them the refresher they need, and splits the day up nicely.


Offer Incentives

Using incentives to drive productivity is a great way of creating an engaged and positive work environment.

Offering up the opportunity to win vouchers, longer lunch breaks or even a staff day out will go a long way in boosting the morale and drive of your employees, and you should notice a big difference in the work they are producing. Who doesn’t love free things after all?

If your company operates an “Employee of the Month” scheme, then give them something to work towards. Earning fun prizes for being the best of the best that month is a nice gesture, and recognition from peers will always help with morale.

Getting the team to submit a vote on who they think deserves “Employee of the Month” is the best way to go about it, meaning the winner has been chosen because of their work instead of favouritism. This can also be a great way to reinforce company values, especially if the employee is chosen by a colleague for demonstrating these.

Keep Them Safe

It may sound overdramatic but having your employee’s health and safety as a priority will always create a positive environment.

Making sure the working environment is compliant with the current health and safety legislation and eliminating any risks of injuries will not only keep you protected but will show that the staff’s wellbeing is being looked after. Nobody wants to work in a dangerous environment, so keep it safe.

Investing in suitable equipment that is not going to cause any strains or pains is also recommended and allowing times away from computer screens or tablets is essential.

Did you know thousands of workers suffer daily from aches and pains in their back, wrists and forearms? We recently wrote an article about common workplace injuries and ways to protect yourself – click here to read more.



These are just a few of the many different ways you can keep your employees engaged and provide a positive environment for them to work in.

Working together as a team and giving employees a platform to share their ideas and thoughts is always going to be a positive and will make going to work a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

If you need help with anything talked about during this article or would like to learn more, feel free to get in touch today.

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