CV Writing Service
CV writing

CV Writing Service

Wurkplace provide a CV writing service to a variety of delegates.  Whether there’s a gap in your employment, minimal employment or you just don’t know where to start, Wurkplace’s CV writing sessions could benefit you hugely!  Employers won’t typically spend more that 30 seconds looking at a CV so first impressions are everything!

Quite often, people are too modest when it comes to writing special skills and bragging yourself up without overselling yourself.  That’s why it helps to have someone write this part for you.  This part is important because its your chance to get the employers attention and tell them why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Wurkplace write every CV from scratch so it’s completely tailored to you and the role you’re applying for.  Through in depth conversation, the CV writer will be able to portray you in the best and accurate light.  We advise that you bring in any previous and supporting documentation so as you can remember key dates etc.

The CV writing service takes around 3 hours – from the session, you will receive 2 paper copies and an electronic copy will be emailed to you.  For more information or to book a session, email

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