The research of Rand Europe reveals that sleep deprivation is a main cause of employee absence and decreased productivity in the workplace.  Many employees simply just don’t turn up to work due to being tired.

On average in the UK, 200,000 working days are lost per annum due to sleep deprivation.  This is at a cost of £40bn.

Employees sleeping under 6 hours a night should increase it to 6-7 hours, the UK’s economy would then boost a £24bn.

What can employers do as well as stressing the importance of sleep:

In comparison to Canada, Germany, Japan and the US, the report shows:

Employers, if you’ve noticed sleep deprivation causing employee absence and a lack of productivity, call Wurkplace and a consultant can implement effective procedures to manage staff performance, lateness and absence.  Call 0844 7050 811 or get a quick quote.

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