Guide on Hiring Based on Values
Hiring on Values

Guide on Hiring Based on Values

 A Comprehensive Guide on Hiring Based on Values by Wurkplace


Hiring based on values is a crucial aspect of building a strong and cohesive team within any organization. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on hiring based on values.

This will give you an understanding of the hiring process that Wurkplace follows to identify and select candidates who align with their core values.

By incorporating values-based hiring strategies, you can foster a positive work culture, enhance employee engagement, and drive overall organizational success


Understanding Values-Based Hiring:

  1. Definition of Values-Based Hiring: Values-based hiring is an approach that focuses on identifying candidates whose personal values align with the organization’s core values.
  2. Why Values-Based Hiring Matters: Hiring based on values promotes cultural fit, employee satisfaction, and long-term retention. It helps to establish a shared vision, mutual understanding, and a positive work environment.


Defining Core Values:


  1. Identify Core Values: Begin by defining the core values that represent your organization’s guiding principles and desired culture.
  2. Communicating Core Values: Clearly communicate these core values to potential candidates through various channels, such as job descriptions, company website, and social media platforms.


 Incorporating Values into the Hiring Process:


  1. Job Advertisement: Craft job descriptions that reflect the organization’s values and attract candidates who resonate with them.
  2. Resume Screening: Develop guidelines to screen resumes and identify keywords or experiences that indicate alignment with the core values.
  3. Pre-Employment Assessments: Incorporate assessments to evaluate candidates’ values and behaviors, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation beyond traditional interviews.
  4. Structured Interviews: Prepare interview questions that allow candidates to demonstrate how they align with the organization’s core values.
  5. Behavioral Questions: Ask behavioral questions to assess past experiences and actions that highlight alignment with the core values.
  6. Reference Checks: Conduct thorough reference checks to gain insights into candidates’ values and work ethic from previous employers or colleagues.


Assessing Cultural Fit:


  1. Company Culture: Provide candidates with a clear understanding of the company culture during the interview process to assess their fit. Checkout our guide on Things staff can do to help company culture CLICK  HERE
  2. Team Compatibility: Evaluate candidates’ potential to work collaboratively with existing team members by incorporating group activities or team interviews.
  3. Values Assessment: Design an assessment process that helps evaluate candidates’ alignment with the organization’s core values.
  4. Practical Exercises: Include practical exercises or case studies to assess candidates’ decision-making processes based on the organization’s values.


Onboarding and Ongoing Development:
  1. Onboarding Process: Develop an onboarding program that introduces new hires to the organization’s core values, culture, and expectations. Check out the CIPD guide on how to sue technology to improve onboarding, CLICK HERE.
  2. Ongoing Training and Development: Provide opportunities for continuous learning and development, incorporating values-based training sessions and workshops.


Benefits of Values-Based Hiring:


  1. Improved Employee Engagement: Hiring individuals who share the organization’s values enhances employee engagement and commitment.
  2. Enhanced Team Cohesion: Values-based hiring fosters a sense of unity, leading to stronger collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Positive Work Culture: Hiring based on values contributes to a positive work culture, where employees feel valued, understood, and motivated.
  4. Reduced Turnover: When employees align with the organization’s values, they are more likely to stay long-term, reducing turnover rates.



Hiring based on values is a progressive strategy that takes into account the long-term success of an organization. By incorporating the principles mentioned in this guide, you can attract, select, and retain candidates who align with your core values, leading to a more engaged and motivated workforce. Remember, the key to successful values-based hiring lies in defining core values, integrating them into the hiring process, assessing cultural fit, and providing ongoing support and development. Good luck in building a team that shares your values and drives your organization forward!

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