Health and Safety Policy
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Health and Safety Policy

Businesses with over 5 employees have a legal requirement to have a Health and Safety Policy and supporting documents in place. Wurkplace can provide you with these documents to ensure your business’s Health and Safety is compliant.

The policy should normally be set out in three sections:

  • The Statement of General Policy on Health and Safety at Work
  • The Responsibility section
  • The Arrangements section

The Health and Safety Statement of General Policy should set out your commitments/duties to managing Health and Safety effectively and what your goals are.  The responsibility section should show who is responsible for specific actions.  If you’re not sure who should be in charge of what don’t worry, Wurkplace can advise.

The Arrangement section should detail how you intend to meet the commitments you made in the General Statement.  Include information on how you are going to eliminate or reduce the risk of hazards in the workplace. Wurkplace can assess your company’s risk and provide you with a report.

It is important that you inform all employees on any updates and changes made to the policy!  Policies should also be kept up-to-date with the latest changes in legislation, as should all the relevant documentation.

Many businesses prefer to outsource their Health and Safety and have someone else to keep all documentation up-to-date and to make suitable arrangements to any changes in legislation.  Should you prefer to outsource or you would like some advice, check out Wurkplace’s Health and Safety services and Contact us.

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