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Hiring on Values

Having company values is important to ensure that the direction, goals and culture of the company is defined so that all customers, clients, shareholders and employees can all work to the same values harmoniously.

Here at Wurkplace, our values are accountability, passion and humility.

By focusing on specific core ideas, companies are able to build a team comprised of the “right” people for the job.


Why is hiring on values important?


It important that you clearly define your morals so that current and future employees can work according to these.

It is important that when recruiting employees for a particular role that you clearly define what skills and knowledge is needed for that role and if there are any qualifications that may need to have.

However, hiring based on your company’s core values is even more important as the right candidate needs to be the right fit.

People can learn skills and obtain the relevant knowledge yet, having the right behaviours and attitude is unteachable and comes naturally.

It also allows the candidate to analyse their own values to see if they would be happy in the company and thrive there.



A true benefit on hiring on values is it allows you to have a more diverse workforce. When hiring on values it allows you to hire with the mindset of what can this person offer the company.

How can they ensure the business is a success regardless of the skills and background that they have.

The benefit to hiring people from different ethnicities, genders or backgrounds is that you allow different experiences and ways of thinking to flourish in the company which can only lead to innovation and problem solving.

How do I hire on values?


An application form or someone’s cv is the perfect way to understand the skills and experience that person has and forms the building blocks of understanding if this person is the perfect candidate.

To hire on values, you need to conduct robust interviews that ask appropriate questions so you can see if this person shares the same values.

For example, ask them about scenarios and what they would do if this was presented to them. This way you can see how they would behave in real life.



It is also important that the values are continued to be communicated through the induction process also. Now that the candidate is employed they can see how these values are presented and what they look like in practice.

It is important that values do not become just a word but that the company demonstrates that these are present in daily life and something that the company strive and are proud to work towards.

To be successful, values must be at the core of every company and work naturally orientates around these.

Advantages of hiring on values


  1. Creates a positive work environment
  2. Improve staff morale
  3. Increase employee engagement
  4. Increased productivity

Reduced employee turnover

How Wurkplace can help

Here at Wurkplace we have a team of extremely qualified and experienced Human Resources consultants who can advise on every point of the recruitment process to ensure that you find the right candidate.

We also have an array of template documents created so that you don’t have to!

If you need support or guidance, talk to one of our experts today – You can use our easy online contact form, or give us a call on: 0330 400 5490.

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