HR In Charities

HR In Charities

Charities have aims and objectives that they want to achieve just like any public or private sector business.

They need to align these objectives with processes and practices in the same way also. Although charities do depend on volunteers and donations, there are still elements that require employees.

Human Resources is an extremely valuable asset to any charity. As a charity, you may not have the funds to employ an in-house HR manager and so it may be beneficial to look into outsourcing this to a Human Resources Consultants.

Here are some key areas that Human Resources can contribute to in a charity:



Recruitment in the third sector needs to be time efficient and cost-effective as funds may not be as accessible as those in the private or public sector.

Working for a charity can be extremely humbling however, it may take more to reach candidates and successfully employ them.

HR can help create a robust recruitment process and ensure that this is carried out efficiently.

This includes advertising the role, interviewing, induction and training required all while ensuring you are remaining legal and reducing the risks of any potential claims but also ensuring that the Charity employs key staff who will enhance the charity.

Attitude and conduct are valuable to charities and so having an experience HR professional help you recruit the right candidate is a must.



As mentioned, training is important to ensure that your employees hit the ground running and start producing in their roles as soon as possible.

However, volunteers and other members of the charity should not be overlooked and training needs for them should also be assessed and delivered.

It can be difficult to find the time and funds to train people at the charity. HR has to ensure that levels of motivation don’t rely purely on goodwill and often this has to be done with limited financial input.

Human Resources will work with charities to ensure that they have a training matrix in place and ensure that training objectives are met.

Having a skilled HR consultant who specializes in training and development is hugely beneficial as they will have the skill set to motivate.

HR can also ensure that all data and information are collated and stored correctly so that the charity does not miss any compulsory training off their calendar.

Employee Relations


Yes, even in charities you will face grievances, disciplinaries, redundancies, and many more employee relation issues. Human Resources can effectively manage these and have robust policies and processes in place. This will ensure that any issues that may arise will be dealt with legally, effectively, and in a way that both protects the charity and the employee. You have a duty of care to the employee and so any issues that they may have needs to be dealt with properly.

Being strategic


Human Resources professionals can also help you make strategic decisions in the charity.

With potentially limited funds and a need to deliver the charities statement, it is crucial that any decision made is sustainable and advantageous.

Compliance and Documentation


Legislation such as Health and Safety at Work Act 1998 and the Equality Act 2010 still applies to the third sector if it employs people.

Human Resources can ensure that you have an up-to-date handbook that details all the policies that you should be complying with.

For example, maternity leave or GDPR. Having the knowledge from HR professionals of what these policies should include and how to effectively manage these is key.

Culture Building


Nonprofits rely on employees and volunteers to strive, be motivated, and be determined to meet their objectives. HR professionals play a major role in guiding the development of an organization’s internal culture and gauging employee engagement and satisfaction.

This can be done with employee surveys and any concerns individuals have can be dealt with.

HR can also assist with any benefits packages that can be offered so that employees and volunteers are rewarded and this is managed.

How Wurkplace can help


Here at Wurkplace we already have several charities that we work with.

We understand the sector, the amazing work done but also the challenges faced.

We have a variety of documents to hand ready to go (saving you time) and we can advise on case-specific queries.

We also have consultants who have expertise in recruitment, training, and policy drafting.

Here at Wurkplace, we have experienced and skilled consultants who can provide you with specific advice on Legal changes and upcoming changes along with an array of template documents, so half the work is done for you!

If you need support or guidance, talk to one of our experts today – You can use our easy online contact form, or give us a call at 0330 400 5490.


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