Is Work Related Stress Hurting Your Business?
Work Stress

Is Work Related Stress Hurting Your Business?

Work-Related Stress

Managers are working too much, leading to negative effects on their mental health. 

A recent survey from the Chartered Management Institute found that 1 in 10 managers took time off work due to mental health issues in the last year. 

We need to address mental health in the workplace and provide a way for employees to talk to HR professionals if they need help. Read the full article on People Management for more information.

Why is Work-Related Stress Hurting your Business?

Work-related stress can harm employee productivity and morale, causing increased absenteeism rates and ultimately resulting in a significant negative impact on your business.

Sickness Related to Work Stress

Wurkplace is dedicated to providing a comprehensive array of resources and support in order to assist individuals who are grappling with stress that is associated with their jobs, as well as the related illnesses they may experience. Our mission is to empower these individuals to take charge of their health and wellness.

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