Workplace Equality: Part Time Staff
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Workplace Equality: Part Time Staff

The workplace is changing, more men are opting to become part time staff. The days when work meant nine to five, Monday to Friday, are long gone.

Women have worked part-time in large numbers for many years, but now there is a new trend among working men. Close to one million are choosing to reduce their hours and take part-time employment.

Are you considering the requests fairly?

The Employment Code of Practice warns employers not to discriminate when considering flexible working requests.

For example, a male employee asks for flexible working to care for his children. Although the employer regularly allows female employees to work flexibly, he refuses the male employee’s request because he believes that childcare is less important to him. This is likely to amount to direct sex discrimination and could give rise to separate claim.


It is in your best interest to stay in line with current workplace equality legislation. Wurkplace offer a monthly retainer which includes around the clock advice and support to your business for any HR/Employment law queries.  Treat part time staff and full time staff equally – contact Wurkplace here.

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