PPE Requirements
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PPE Requirements

The PPE Requirements are in place to ensure the safety of the user as much as possible and prevent accidents and injury.  Personal Protective Equipment is equipment or clothing that it work or held by a worker that protects them from one or more risks to their health and safety.

The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 state that it is your responsibility as an employer to enforce the use of PPE, provide suitable storage accommodation for PPE, ensure that all items of PPE are compatible, supply Personal Protective Equipment and replace or repair damaged or lost items, provide information and training.

worker with protective suit during the remediation of asbestos from the roof

Differing PPE Requires Are in Place

Depending on the industry of business, it may be necessary for:

  • Respiratory protection against substances hazardous to inhalation
  • Ear defenders for noise
  • Glove to prevent contact with substances hazardous to skin
  • Eye protection against splashes of chemical and molten, metals, mists, sprays and dusts, projectiles, and radiation including bright lights
  • and more!

Where risks cannot be controlled by other effective methods, you should apply PPE. Below are a summary of advantage and disadvantages.



  • It gives immediate protection
  • It is usually cheap
  • Can be used as an interim control while more expensive or difficult controls are put in place
  • In some situations it may be the only control option
  • It may be needed as a backup for emergencies when other controls have failed



  • People do not like wearing it
  • It only protects one person (the person wearing it)
  • If it fails then the worker will become exposed to risk
  • May not be comfortable and may interfere with the ability to do the job
  • May not protect adequately if it does not fit
  • May increase risk (e.g. misty goggles)

For up-to-date risk assessments and guidance on adhering to current PPE requirements, submit a Health and Safety quick quote request or call 0330 400 5490.


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