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Signs That A Business Needs HR

Human Resources, otherwise known as the HR Department or Consultants, is a wider known department/outsource in many organisations and the industries in this day of age. But what are the signs that a business needs HR?

Companies are recognising the importance of HR more so in the 20th century, following the Act of Parliament the Employment Right of 1996 being enhanced and the withdrawal of tribunal fees in 2017. Organisations, especially SMEs and Startups are recognising the need to support their workforce with HR qualified resources.

The need for a Human Resources Department is often considered a low priority area within a business and there is a tendency to give more attention to other aspects of the company that will have an immediate impact.

The list however that a HR Department can complete is surprisingly long and as the business grows you might begin to understand just how important it is to invest in HR, from in-house Team Members to a HR Consultancy, as support or even additional aid for your HR Manager and team.

After all, your company did not get into the industry to be drowned in legislative paperwork and Health and Safety policies.

Whether this is an in-house team or outsourcing to consultants such as us at Wurkplace, the important thing is knowing
when you need HR support and why.

The common signs that support is required in a growing and or evolving business is when as a business or a member of the company requires assistance to complete, manage or understand:

  • Increase in employee issues.
  • Guidance on employment legislation.
  • Managing Performance.
  • Recruitment and retention issues/needs.
  • Helping to avoid Tribunals.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Help with change.
  • Help with rewards.
  • Training and Development.
  • Cost savings.
  • Compliance.
  • Understanding your organisation and its employees through Management Information reports.
  • Employee and Management systems.
  • Redundancy and restructure.
  • Covid-19 and Furlough.

Despite the current pandemic of Covid-19, we have seen an increase in both new clients, and inflation in communication from our existing clients in the need for support and understanding the need for help from basic day-to-day employee legislation requirements to resolving employee gripes and upsets in the workplace.

As many HR and Business owners will know that no day is the same, and there is not one day your to-do list gets a full page of ticks. However, with the benefits of HR professionals on the end of a phone or to attend a site we can provide:

  • A Variety of HR Support Services
  • Attendance Management
  • Employee Handbook
  • Employee Relation Services
  • Leadership Development Programme
  • Performance Management
  • Human Resources Outsourcing
  • Human Resources Consultancy Services
  • Human Resources Software Solutions
  • Human Resources Management Systems
  • Human Resource Policies
  • Staff Training and Development

For more details you can find us here

Aside from the Administration side of the business, a dedicated HR Team and or a Consultancy can help stimulate your company’s growth through staff training, boosts of morale, and productivity.

Other reasons you may want to consider expanding or implementing a HR function could be:

  • Because you spend more time on admin than your own work- You an expert in your field, but perhaps it is time you considered looking for someone to help out and get your great ideas out to help grow your company into the future. If you do not actually have the time to use your knowledge and expertise to get your ideas and plans out, and you are spending too much time on HR administrational duties, deceiving the reason you created the company in the first place.
  • You growing fast- You’re unable to balance the workload, and you and your team simply cannot handle the workload. With the growing company and the need to bring in multiple staff members, then it is only right to bring in HR Support to focus and do the hard work on the recruitment and training for you. They will help with streamlining the hiring process itself and making sure the new employees have everything they need to perform the job.
  • You cannot communicate effectively- In businesses of any size, good communication is a key method to a well-oiled team. If you find that you cannot communicate effectively with employees within your company effectively, then this could be another sign that you need an intermediary. Particularly where sensitive issues need to be discussed, a HR representative.
  • Your employee turnover is high, if you start to see an increase in employees’ start-up full of smiles but then leaving shortly unhappy, then alarm bells should be sounding. This could be for a million reasons, and as a HR Consulting company, we will not only be able to help you identify the reasons. We can also implement effective solutions.
  • You lose track of where your employees are if you find yourself in a position waiting for your department or a team to attend their regular Friday meeting and they have not attended and feeling both indignation and concern. When you suddenly remember they are on the team building event you arranged for them last month but have forgot to schedule.
  • You lose track of where your employees are if you find yourself in a position waiting for your department or a team to attend their regular Friday meeting and they have not attended and felt both indignation and concern. When you suddenly remember they are on the team building event you arranged for them last month but have forgotten to schedule.
  • Your relationship with employees are breaking down, Employee’s should be recruited into a  culture of openness and mutual respect. This can change as time goes by and start-ups grow. However, it is important that professional relationships are supported from the start to avoid a breakdown. If you are noticing a regular pattern then this is something a HR function/Consultancy can help build, maintain, and sustain relations before they become irreparable.
  • You are unable to answer employee questions, this can be due to sheer volume, or particularly because they are H&S or employment law based, they you do not know the answer to respond. By recruiting or outsourcing to a HR and Health and Safety professional, will manage both time and provide your employees with confidence and the access to resources and answers they require.
  • You cannot feedback or give employees evaluations, this is the most important part of engaging and growth within your company, for both the employees and the owners. The reviews help everyone to understand how the business and the individuals are performing, and where targets can be set to create a positive future. Having a HR representative to support with the designing, implementing and manager training of reviews can have a huge influence all round.
  • You are building on an exit strategy, A well-advanced exit strategy can help sell a company to new recruits, and if you are a start-up planning to grow then a HR professional will be able to assist you.

When a business is growing fast, and you are running your business one of the issues could be the actual management of the HR Department and its resources.

Attracting new candidates, increasing employee retention, and remaining compliant are all time-consuming tasks. Many business owners either do not have the time or the experience to prioritise and do this.

Many companies have a mindset that “Done is better than perfect”, attitude but the fact of the matter is human resources mistakes can be costly.

A HR Consultancy service like ourselves can provide expertise as a full-time HR professional at a sustainable rate. We provide services across the UK, from our HQs in Chester and Manchester, to London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and the Wirral. To learn more about our services in detail, visit our website.

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