Temporary Staff and Seasonal Vacancies
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Temporary Staff and Seasonal Vacancies

It’s that time of year again where seasonal vacancies open up, and temporary staff are being enrolled.  Industries such as hospitality and retail get hit massively by consumers during the build up to christmas.  Onboarding large volumes of staff at one time can be extremely time consuming and tedious.

Before the onboarding processing begins, there will be interviews, paperwork and meetings.  Temporary staff have the same rights as permanent staff when under employment so should be treated equally.  They should receive:

  • Job Offer Letter
  • Employment Terms and Conditions
  • Employment Contract
  • Access to Company Handbook
  • Full Induction
  • Adequate job training and Health and Safety training

Wurkplace can create tailored offer letters, contracts and job descriptions for your seasonal staff.  Our HR consultants can take care of the entire staff onboarding process to ensure your business is compliant with recent employment legislation.

Wurkplace can also implement a cloud based HR system that enables you to:

  • Securely store confidential information
  • Review and authorise employee holidays
  • Track and tackle sickness and absence
  • Manage performance
  • Pull reports on company and staff performance

For more information on how the HR system can assist with managing temporary staff go here.  Alternatively, use the below quick link buttons.






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