CPD otherwise known as, Continuing Professional Development is the term best used to describe learning activities of professionals who engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

This enables learning to become conscious and proactive, rather than passive and reactive, and developing skills and knowledge through, interactive, participation-based, or independent learning.

The methodology to conducting structured CPD learning comes in a variety of methods, such as;

They are all focused for individuals to improve and have an effective personal development, to build on technical and non-technical skills.

Many structured CPD activities involve professionals taking exams, assessments linked to modules of their career path. These can be useful for measuring a learner’s CPD progress, which can also be tracked with attendance records, test results, and written materials as an example.

There are many benefits to CPD, and they support learners to gain the expertise and understanding required to approach professional situations from various angles, especially those online at the moment due to the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the social distancing restrictions.

They can also;

A day out of the office can be costly, or time-consuming, energy that could be directed to increase your company profit and maintain client and customer relationships.

Online CPD, requires no conference rooms, travel, or direct interaction.

Do not worry though, the quality of training experienced will not be reduced, and the engagement will be the same as in person, at conferences, seminars, events, and workshops.

A lot of CPD training has now been developed to provide engaging to the viewers and they have access to pre-recorded footage, in high definition, with a lecturer/ trainer speaking directly to the camera with their slides on the screen. This really makes it feel as though you are there in the room.

With the benefit of live webinars, and the use of multiscreen now, this also improves the experience and interactive learning, where questions can be asked, views discussed and even team building exercises.

There is also informal CPD methods, that are unstructured, and are a self-directed learning. This refers to any development activities that are guided by the learners, which are often are done without following a curriculum.

These methods normally consist of:


Why Is CPD Training important?

The majority of professional roles have set requirements for CPD ongoing logs, like Solicitors, HR professionals, and Drs as an example.

It is necessary for the individuals to provide proof they are up to date and able to adhere to the assessment’s standards.

CPD, helps also go beyond this, it helps people retain a consistent set of high quality, and up to date skills and knowledge to support their professional career.

This puts learners with the attributes as favourable candidates, and demonstrates their ability to work to impressive standards, which will and does excel their careers.

The 7 main benefits of CPD personally:

The main 7 benefits of CPD for a business:

To be able to achieve the business benefits, companies need to always support all employee’s continuous commitment to personal development and allow equal access to learning opportunities.

The most important and crucial point to achieve any of these benefits is to ensure that as a leaner or a supportive employer is to ensure reflection is taken on the CPD learning. This is the ultimate important stage of the CPD progress, as it enables the learner to determine what worked and where their strengths are, and how they can plan and improve future CPD activities.

Self-reflection is the most powerful tool used by many personally and when coaching others to truly open to real growth and orientate their future goals.

The overall benefits for business and the learner are that it refines personal skills, and increases intellect, efficiency and is a key part of investing in people internally and externally within your employees and consumers.

Without investing in personal and employee CPD, moving forward, implementing change and creating loyalty will be near on impossible.



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