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The New National Living Wage

Following on from the 11th January 2016, when employment regulations gave zero hour workers the right not to be unfairly dismissed,  the first of April 2016 now sees the new national living wage coming into force.

If employers do not comply with this then you could be hit with double financial penalties.

What is The New National Living Wage?

The National Living wage will jump from £6.70 to £7.20 for workers aged 25 and over.  That’s a massive £910 extra per year!

As an employer, you need to make sure you’re prepared.  The HMRC can review payment documentation at any time and investigate, which could result in a penalty for your business.

Wurkplace’s employment law experts and payroll specialists will work with you to ensure compliance.  We can fully manage your HR and Payroll needs. Payroll services include:-

  • Email and telephone support
  • Fully managed payroll processing
  • P45 management
  • Handling P60’s and P11D’s
  • Payslip production and delivery
  • Compliance – Auto enrolment pensions

Contact our team for further details about our Payroll Services or visit link to payroll processing page.

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