The Value of a University Degree
value of university degrees

The Value of a University Degree

The value of university degrees have changed over the years.  University is no longer the only option for ambitious school leavers.  Wurkplace offer support for businesses employing apprentices in the workplace by supplying contracts and manager guides.

Historically, it has been found that on average, graduates earn £200,000 more than a non-graduate over a lifetime.  However, having a degree isn’t the only way into a professional career as more and more organisations offer higher level, apprenticeships or school leaver schemes allowing people to learn on the job.  

The introduction of the apprenticeship levy is proposed to help build more apprenticeships, more details of which we expect to become clearer over the coming months.

Marketing staff are analyzing the data to business planning.

A CBI survey found that more than half (52%) of company leaders were not satisfied with school leavers communication skills and half said they lacked basic problem solving skills so there is argument that introducing school-leavers straight into the world of work helps to manage their expectation and get them used to the challenges of office life. 

Wurkplace can help recruit, interview and create job descriptions for graduates and apprentices.  If you would like guidance on how to improve your company’s operations through hiring graduates/apprentices call 0330 400 5490 and a Wurkplace consultant can guide you through it.

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