Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2020 (HR Approved)
Virtual Christmas Party

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for 2020 (HR Approved)

As the year approaches an end and Christmas nears, many people are wondering if and how they will have a staff Christmas party – 2020 has been the year of COVID-19 but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of festive cheer. 

The world is still adapting to the new normal and with the vaccine rollout imminent, there is still plenty to celebrate this year, even if we can’t celebrate together! We may have to miss out on the festive food and drink face to face but we don’t have to miss out on Christmas cheer and fun. Perhaps a virtual staff Christmas party is in order?

We all had to get used to working from home and socialising less but fortunately, we live in the age of technology – There are lots of different platforms online that we can use to connect with family, friends and coworkers; with Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Duo and many more!

Last year the idea of a virtual staff Christmas party would have seemed unthinkable and unnecessary, but that does not mean it will be any less fun. Having an online party has its benefits, there is no need to find a venue to book and figure out when everyone can attend, you just need a group video calling app and a spare hour or two of the day!

These parties are far cheaper to arrange and often more inclusive, making HR happier. Virtual staff parties allow people who live in more remote areas to attend easily as all they need is an internet connection. This ensures everyone at work feels involved and can help create a more friendly and light-hearted work atmosphere.


Six Amazing Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

1, The Naughty List (Christmas Never Have I Ever/10 Fingers)

This is a fun little ice-breaker to help everyone settle into the virtual party and help spread a bit of Christmas cheer and laughter. The naughty list is a Christmas version of the game ‘never have I ever’ or ‘10 fingers’, normally these games are played by players who say a statement of something they haven’t done before and the other players must put a finger down or drink if they have.

 For the virtual Christmas edition, players hold up 10 fingers and take turns making a festive statement by starting with ‘You’re on Santa’s naughty list if…’ – Then they need to make a statement; for example, ‘you have regifted a present’, ‘you pretended to like a gift’ or ‘you have peaked at Christmas presents’.

 If someone in the call has done one of the statements, they must put down one finger. This can continue for a certain number of rounds or can be played until there is only one person left with fingers up. Whoever has the most (or only) fingers up is the winner!

2, Group Christmas Music Playlist

 It wouldn’t be a Christmas party without music! Having a virtual party means that everyone can contribute to the music selection if they want to. Group playlists can be made on music streaming apps such as Spotify, meaning everyone can have a chance to listen to their favourite Christmas songs.

Christmas playlists can be played over the call to the group or individually – This means there will be no complaining about the music selection! Everyone attending the party can choose what they want to listen to and it can be played at any volume you’d like.

3, Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt

 Virtual scavenger hunts have become increasingly popular for those who partake in online video calls frequently – They can be great fun and competitive at times, making them a great addition to a virtual Christmas party. They are easy and simple to set up, all that’s needed is a list of items (preferably ones related to Christmas) that can be found in everyone’s household.

 For example, players could be asked to find their favourite Christmas decoration or piece of festive clothing – The first person to get back to the virtual party wins first place and gets 3 points, second and third place gets 2 and 1 point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the scavenger hunt wins!

4, Pub Quiz (Christmas Edition)

 Zoom quizzes (or other video calling apps) have become extremely popular during the pandemic, allowing people to stay connected and stay safe. Having a Christmas version of an online pub quiz is a fun and easy way to involve everyone and get people chatting.

 These quizzes can be done in teams (with festive team names) or individually, depending on how many people are attending. The questions can be in categories if you want a longer quiz (e.g. festive songs, films, general knowledge) or can be lumped together if you want to include different games at the party.

 Virtual Christmas quizzes can add a fun competition to your virtual party and they can help coworkers get to know each other and have some well-deserved fun!

 5, Christmas Bingo

 Playing bingo is great for a virtual Christmas party as it encourages everyone to interact and get involved. There are plenty of templates online that can be used or you can make your own up! The bingo card squares could include things like – Ugly Christmas jumpers, has multiple trees up or been carolling. If one of the players has done or got one of these things they can cross them off their card.

There can be prizes or points for the first person to get a line and/or a full house!

6, Virtual Secret Santa

No staff Christmas party would be complete without a secret Santa – It’s a staple of every annual staff party! Everyone is given a name prior to the party (can be picked out of a hat or done with a random name generator online), they must then buy a gift for the person they received in secret within the budget, usually around £10.

 The gifts could be physical or virtual – whichever works best for you but they must be given or sent to the recipient on the day of or before the virtual Christmas party, ready to open.

 Then, during the party, everyone can open their present and try to figure out who gave it to them. This is a great way to spread much needed Christmas cheer to your coworkers, we all deserve it this year!

 If your business needs help organising a virtual Christmas party or any other COVID-related issues, contact Wurkplace by calling 0330 400 5490 or emailing

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