Employment Law Myths
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Employment Law Myths

There are many Employment Law Myths, it is a complex area. Every day businesses are being sued and penalised for not complying with this important subject.  Outsourcing your HR will save you time and money. Get a quick quote.

Wurkplace’s Myth Busting Employment Law specialists have worked hard and are continuously working to reduce your workload and unveil some Employment Law best kept secrets.

  1. Time off for dependants – this right is for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances only.  Any other events, ie. Christmas play, Sports day or Birthdays require pre-booked holidays
  2. Unfair dismissal claims – Employees with less than 2 years of service can claim unfair dismissal if it is due to health and safety breaches, whistle blowing or disability discrimination (statutory rights)
  3. Pregnancy during recruitment – There is actually no legislation to say that women should reveal they are pregnant.  Employers should also avoid asking if they are married, plan to/already have children
  4. Documented Employment Contract – A contract can be verbally agreed and still be valid.  After a month of employment, employers should provide a ‘statement of written particulars of employment’.  Although we would advise a written Contract for protection.
  5. Misconduct investigation – Employers should only suspend employees during investigation if they pose a risk to your business

Sometimes, although it is not a legal obligation, employers should treat employees fair and just.  Certain circumstances may require a ‘best practice’ route. Wurkplace offer a monthly HR retainer, available to give employers around the clock advice via phone and email.  Get a HR quick quote here or call 0330 400 5490. If you have any more Employment Law Myths you need busted, get in touch.

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