Employees have a legal right to be accompanied during a disciplinary and grievance hearings.  Not allowing employees this right could leave you facing tribunal claims and fines.  Wurkplace can support your business through the whole process from the creation and delivery of letters, to dealing with requests for accompaniment, to holding the disciplinary or advising.

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Your company handbook or employee contract may contain a policy that allows a wide range of people that could possibly accompany your employee.  If you do not have this policy then these are the people who can legally accompany:

Although you may not have a policy instructing who you should consider, it is still best practice to consider all requests.  Disabled people do have more options i.e. their carer.  It is your duty as an employer to ensure you accommodate accordingly.

When is it an employee’s right to be accompanied?

It’s not their right to bring someone but you can still allow it.  This can give employees the confidence that their issues are being taken seriously and are being treated fairly.

What is the companion’s role?

To accompany during dismissal hearings that may result in:

During the hearing companions may:

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