Top 5 Ways to Show Appreciation

Top 5 Ways to Show Appreciation

Appreciation for anyone is human nature, and it has been evidenced in workplaces through;

  • Exit interviews,
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • General feedback

That appreciation is a number one priority for all employees.

We can go as far as stating that employee appreciation is a crucial part to achieve productivity, employee engagement and retention. This is not just important for HR professionals, but Directors, Managers, and any company leadership to understand the significance of appreciation and the impact it has on growing a business.

Take Glenn Elliott & Debra Corey’s #1 best seller in Human Resources book, “Build it” the rebel playbook for world-class Employee Engagement.

This book helps companies to unlock the power and potential of their employees, which will inspire and challenge the way you think and act, with real-life examples, from Brewdog, Netflix, and Mcdonalds and their success.

Our Top 5 ways to show appreciation are;

It is Not Always or Ever about the Money!

It is a common mistake to think that all employees think about is the money.

Simple Words of Appreciation go a long way.

  • Verbal Appreciation/ Acknowledgement

    Make the appreciation personal, using an understanding of someone as an individual.

Make an effort to thank an employee when they do something correctly, well, or exceptional. Ensure that regular ‘Thank Yous’ are given, and not just waiting for an annual ceremony or conference.

Managers should invest in getting know their employees, and ask about their families, pets to support a sincere compliment.

  • Awards-

    Linking awards to your company values is always a good way to show appreciation for an employee.

Some companies have taken this to the next level through the influence of the Rebel Playbook and gone as far as introducing awards such as;

  • Golden Toilet: Awarded to the employee whom “takes care or mops up all of the company Sh*!, gracefully and with class.”
  • Ass- Kicker of the Month: Awarded to the employee who accomplished a kicker-of Ass month by getting things done.

Increasing the level of fun in the awards increases the relationship bond. It increases respect with the employees, and creates a positive environment and culture to work in.

To give this an even bigger boost: Display these awards in an appropriate area that all employee’s can see. This will give them a chance to be proud of themselves or their colleagues.


  • Flexibility

    To reward your employee’s for the hard work or commitment, you could look to offer flexibility as appreciation by allowing staff to flex up or down around business-critical hours. This can be done on a rota basis or on requests through management.

    After seeing the benefits in productivity in homeworking from the recent pandemic, you could award staff with a work from home day a month. Or, alternatively, a paid Day off for exceptional circumstances.


  • Opportunity for advancement

    Many employees feel appreciated when they are invested into by training or development, as this shows that that the business is interested in investing in their future with the company. This could be through annual professional training, or qualification upgrades, apprenticeships or even advancement in other areas/fields, like Mental Health First Aid training, or General First Aid training that shows investment in your employee wellbeing.


  • Bring a little Surprise!

    You should bring something in to surprise your staff; For example, why not offer low-cost appreciation gifts, such as access to fruit, cookies, cupcakes, or any form of baked or bought goods. This will put a smile on everyone’s face. But make sure to meet their dietary and allergy requirements.


Give your employees a voice through a Social Committee. They can decide on fun company traditions so that you are clear where and how to show your appreciation . This can influence a moral builder and enable relationship building. Introducing a workplace social committee brings together like minded people with a shared passion.

Bringing the company together through social events will benefit the employees and workplace.

We recommend that you consider this as an investment in your assets, culture, and growth. Without the collaboration and teamwork of your employees, your business will not grow, and have success.

If you embed a real collaborative process, it will allow your team to get to know one another. Allowing them to flex their teamwork muscle and contributing to the workplace in a new and exciting way.

Don’t wait until the First Friday in March to celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day. Start today with a Thank You.

How will you show #EmployeeApprectation Today?


If you need more information on how to increase employee satisfaction, we can help.  You can always contact us via our form, or alternatively, you can call us on: 0330 400 5490.

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