Why Should Your Company Outsource HR?
Why You Should Outsource HR

Why Should Your Company Outsource HR?

At Wurkplace, we offer an extensive range of bespoke outsourced HR services to help support whether your in-house team needs additional support, or you need the full HR package! We personalise our HR services to your companies needs, we do all the nitty-gritty paperwork to put the system in place and then provide the guidance you may need further down the line.

If you want to know why you should use an Outsourced HR Consultancy – you can find out below.


What is Outsourcing?

CIO defines outsourcing as “Outsourcing is a business practice in which services or job functions are farmed out to a third party.” In a nutshell – this means a company entrusts one of its services (for example, HR) to a secondary external company.

In many cases, when running a business you can end up having too many responsibilities. This can lead to some areas being neglected, which is often where outsourcing comes in!

Many people believe that HR tasks such as payroll or general admin, are not important. That is where they go wrong! If you fail to successfully implement and complete these services, there may be legal consequences – which can cost you a lot of money.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing HR

Research shows that there are many benefits to outsourcing your HR services. There are 6 main reasons to outsource:


Saving Money

On average there is a 10-20% reduction in costs when outsourcing, meaning you can spend your finances on other areas that may need improvement or support. You’re able to explore the best talent in the HR area for the right price for you.


Strategic Focus

More time to focus on customer services or whatever is important to you, rather than focusing on traditional HR tasks. Freeing up yours and your employees time, so you can centre in on more pressing tasks. This is especially important for startup companies or companies looking to expand rapidly – minimising cost on HR can allow you to reallocate funds into sales and marketing.


Better Access to Technology

Automating traditional HR systems with advanced online systems that can track and provide feedback for your employees, making daily tasks like clocking in more simple (perhaps with an app or on PCs)

You will be able to access the latest and fastest technology on the market, this will save you even more time!


Improved Quality of Service and Security

Improves areas such as recruitment to ensure you have the best staff possible and allows for peace of mind with legally compliant paperwork.

You can also better communicate performance targets in documentation like the employee contracts or handbook, this can help your staff better focus on their job and improve their levels of service.


Access to Expert Knowledge

Having access to staff fully qualified and trained in HR, Employment Law and Health & Safety can be advantageous; as they will have been doing HR work for years and have become experts in their field. This ensures you always get credible and professional HR Support Services that protect your company.

Often when looking at areas like training, when outsourcing you have far better resources and experts that can aid with training courses and staff training days.


Better Company Organisation

There is potential for getting rid of the need for an in-house HR team which allows for more development in other areas that may need improvement.

Sometimes internal HR services can become troublesome for companies and it can be better to leave it to the professionals.

Although, there can be some disadvantages when you are outsourcing your HR. There are 3 main reasons, which are:


Loss of Control

Although you may retain some control over your HR services, you always need to give up some control when you are outsourcing any service. You may have to sign long-term contracts that potentially are not good for your business or its goals.

The outsource team you use may not be on-site very often, meaning most decisions may be made over email or phone which isn’t always effective. This can make it hard to keep a real sense of control over your HR!


Impersonal service

As you’re not using in-house staff for HR, the service may feel more impersonal as there is an external team dealing with these matters. It can make some staff feel neglected by the outsourcing company.

This can have a knock-on effect on your employee’s morale as they may feel they’re being replaced or that they can’t do the work well enough – which can seriously affect your company’s culture.



Often when outsourcing, you will be using a company that can be quite some distance away – even overseas! This can lead to some communication issues, for example, different time zones can complicate matters and using technology like email or phone calls can lead to miscommunication.

As we all know, communication is one of the key parts to a businesses success! If there is a breakdown in this area – your business may suffer.

However, HR companies like us at Wurkplace have found solutions to all these problems! We don’t believe in long-term contracts or commitments – leaving you in control of your company’s future.

We believe that in order to provide a fully comprehensive HR service we need to get to know: you, your company and your staff! By providing a fully customisable HR package we ensure that all members of your organisation are trained appropriately and fully supported in all of their HR needs.

Finally, we are a UK-based team and we don’t have call centres – meaning when you phone us you speak directly to one of our HR experts! We make regular contact and visits to our clients, so we can keep up to date with all your HR needs.


If you would like to find out more about our outsourced HR Services, then get in touch with us – you can contact us by post, phone, email or social media (see details below).

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